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HB-OVW is released. 2015-09-09
N5248P is released. 2015-08-09
Today I'm releasing D-EDVE, the Dr400 used by the german DLR Group. Although the base model isn't very good for painting (low resolution, no alpha channels) but I really liked the look of the plane so I did this paint a few weeks ago.
The missing alpha causes the chrome spinner to be technically impossible, please excuse that. 2015-06-24
G-DISK is released. 2015-06-21
N5665P is released. 2015-06-20
N575IP, a beautiful retro livery for A2A's brand new Comanche is available now. 2015-06-10
I've re-released my old TinMouse 732 paints. This list includes 3520, C-FHCP, C-GCPN, C-GCPO, C-GJCP, C-GNWN (1), C-GNWN (2), D-AHLD,
F-GBYL, LX-LGI, N260AU, N747N, N2941W
and PH-TVR.
Since these paints are a few years old I won't make any corrections to them anymore, even though they have some mistakes. 2015-05-20
The website has received a major update, making the downloads-section fully dynamic now.
Even though that doesn't make a big difference on the client side there might occur problems if you have set bookmarks on one of my old aircraft pages. In that case you have to reset the bookmark to the new php page with the url end set accordingly. 2015-05-20
The D-FCAP, a variation of one of the default paints on Carenado's wonderful PC12, is released. 2015-05-06
The HP-1791SX is now released. 2015-04-26
The next Release is for brand new paint for a true classic heli on the flightsim skies. The N253MT is the EC135 that replaced (my previously painted) N217PH as Rescue1 in New Orleans. 2015-04-18
After a long developement and some headaches from aligning all the stripes I can finally announce the release of the beautiful G-EHMS in the colors of the London Air Ambulance. 2015-04-13
Another C172, this time the D-EPCW, is released. 2015-03-19
Today's release is a real Oldie: HB-NCO is a swiss Rockwell Commander built in 1973. The plane is still flying today but the painted livery has been changed in 2000. 2015-03-16
My Lufthansa Cargo Fleet has been joined by D-ALFD and D-ALFE which makes it complete until the next delivery. 2015-03-15
The latest Federal Mexican Police Repaint XC-APF has left the hangars! 2015-03-08
The classic swiss livery of the HB-GJI for Carenado's B200 is now released. 2015-01-28
Both Squirrels (XC-PFX and XC-PFQ) of Mexico's Federal Police have been released today. 2015-01-18
After a long time without airliners, the today released F-HBNL brings a little variety into my work again. 2015-01-16
In addition to the previously released G-RESC, G-OEMT is now released as well. 2015-01-11
HB-XQC, the red and golden Bell 407, is available for download now. 2015-01-11
The I-HVEN is released now, extending the "Pelikan series" of rescue helicopters stationed in Bozen province. 2015-01-09
Even though the plane is a little old it's still totally worth it to create new paints on it.
Now available are N423KA and N564HK for PMDG's BAe JS41. 2015-01-06
Next up is N217PH, a Bk117 operated by Ochsner Flight Care in Lousiana, USA. 2015-01-03
Following a request I have added a winch to the D-HLTB which is frequently used in alpine rescue missions.
The Winch version can be downloaded here but it needs a prior installation of my liverypack at www.nemethdesigns.com to work properly. 2014-12-30
All the BK117 paints I have presented over time are now available in the official bundle at www.nemethdesigns.com
Included are:

Much fun flying those helicopters and a Happy Year to Everyone! 2014-12-27
5437, the Mexican Air Force Cessna C182 is now released.
What's better for a christmas release than a red-white-paint?
Nothing, exactly, that's why now you can now download HB-ZUN.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!
The british police helicopter G-SEWP is my next released paint for NemethDesigns AS355! 2014-12-22
The requested HB-TDR is released! 2014-12-08
The first paint for the today-released Nemeth Designs Bk117 has to be the iconic Medicopter 117 D-HEOE of course! Now available as the first of many paints coming for that helicopter.
Next paint out is my first attempt in an airbrush feature.
Check the results by downloading D-ETUR!
Today my first paint for A2A's brand new Skylane (HB-CQP) has left the hangars.
After the two older paints here is a recently painted one:
N396LG is now available!
I "re-released" another helicopter, today. This time it's the HB-XVM, a swiss-based heli I also painted in 2012.
A few days ago I discovered some thought-to-be-lost templates which I worked on back in 2012. So after some editing I can proudly present to you the OE-BXD !
A paint for N226NR, DHL's service helicopter in Los Angeles has been released today.
I have released HB-LTH which is my first paint on Carenado's new Seneca V.
I have extended my small collection by two new checklists. Those are made for Bell's JetRanger. Two, because there have been two different FuelControlUnits (Bendix/CECU) built into the JetRangers which slightly differ in handling.
A german version of the website is available now as well!
The new website has been launched!
HB-OLI is finally released now and also features it's custom interior flown in the 70's and early 80's.
The two versions of the HB-PIU have been released today.
And the last paint of the small british FlyingClub series (G-CBAL) for A2A's Cherokee is now ready for download.
Released two english paints (G-ATHR, G-BTNT) for A2A's Cherokee today.
My first paint for A2A's Cherokee (PH-SNE), is released.
After some holidays my next paint, another Q400 football livery (N414QX), is released.
On several requests I've modified my Lufthansa Cargo Paint which means you can now also enjoy D-ALFA and D-ALFC.
I've released CS-HCY which is one of the few helicopters based at Madeira.
Since there hasn't really been one before, I decided to do a properly accurate version of Lufthansa Cargo's 777F. So D-ALFB is now released, have fun.
N443QX is released.
N1RD, the checkered Citation Mustang, is released.
Just as Horizon Air we will extend our Football-Series with the release of N441QX.
And another Q400 Football-Team-Livery: This time it's the Boise State Broncos' N437QX.
My first paint for PMDG's MD-11 D-ALCN is now available for public download as well.
G-FBKD is released now as well. I am aware of the fact there is a Union Jack on both engines even though there's a Malaysian flag on the left hand side of the real bird. Please excuse that this cannot be corrected because of the mapping done by Flight1. I decided to release the paint anyhow as I love the metallic effect which is way more impressive in the sim than it is on the pictures.
D-EIMD is released.
Continuing the Q400 Football-Team-Series I've released N435QX which is painted in the Washington Huskies livery.
After a very long developing time including lots of reference pictures and the possibility to talk about every detail with the owner I am proud to announce the beautiful HB-CDF released!
This year's first paint is for Alabeo's PA-38. HB-PED is a swiss trainer that flew in the 80ies. Happy New Year!
I've released the checklists for NemethDesigns's upcoming Eurocopter EC130.
The Beechcraft A36 checklists finally are released now.
Another paint (ET-AHA) for A2A's C172 is now released.
This time it's a german paint (D-ELKU) for A2A's C172.
The czech OK-JET has been updated to fit recent changes of stickers and advertisement.
First attempt of a chrome spinner on the A2A Cessna TC-TAS has left the paintshop.
First paint for the fantastic Flight1 Citation Mustang is released now. The paint (TC-TAI) is featuring customized pilots, cockpit and cabin parts.
I was provided new image material of the PH-EAM so this one is slightly updated now. Everybody who downloaded before 20:37UTC today should re-download via the same link. (To check which version you have: Thumbnail showing the registration is the new one)
The rare red Schiphol Vliegschool paint PH-EAM has left the paintshop.
Second A2A-paint is out: PH-MDF.
I've released my first A2A-paint: PH-KBA.
I've released another R44 Paint. This time it's D-HELP.
In both checklists I've removed the red FS USE ONLY from every page but the cover. Please note that anyhow, this is still meant absolutely serious.
The Fokker 70/100 is the second aircraft series to become equipped with a EDRM-Repaints checklist.
The first checklists to be up on the server are the ones for the Avro-Jet series including RJ75, RJ85, RJ100. If you notice some mistakes please feel free to share (best on my facebook-page). Have fun!
After years of searching good and detailed checklists to my various FS aircraft I finally decided to begin a series of unified checklists by myself. Of course I share them with you. To do so I've opened a new download-section. Thanks to the new Dropbox system the files will always stay up to date even if I just change a few letters in them.
Again a long time since the beta but today the BVB Logojet made his way out (TC-JHU).
I'm slowly deleting older paints due to reasons of quality. Who still wants some of them can search them on simviation.com or contact me.
The three long awaited Elitico Tarmac AS350s (HB-ZHE, HB-ZKG, HB-ZLK) are now out! You can see one of them on top of the page. Have fun with this experiment of mixing together shiny and mat colors.
I've released the first pack of the Alaska Football-Logo"jets" for the Majestic Q400. (N402QX, N403QX, N407QX, N440QX)
The advertisments on the website are now disabled to provide more comfort for the visitors. Due to this step the page is now something that wants to be feeded with some money from time to time. If you want to support me and keep this page alive you are very welcome to make a small donation on the right hand side. Thank you in advance.
I've released the Herpa DC-3 (N143D). This is the first paint released via a Dropbox Downloadlink. Feel free to share experiences about download speeds with me.
I've added a new and re-designed section for running projects.
Finally the AirAlgiere Cargo C-130 (7T-VHL) has found its way to the web. Have fun flying that beast.
EDRM-Repaints has now become a member of facebook. For you this means more and faster information about my projects, even without a facebook-acount. Furthermore WIP-pictures are presented over there. You can reach the page by clicking on the black facebook-icon on the top right corner of the website. I look forward to see you there!
I've released another ASK21 HD-Texture (D-9522).
The new Downloads section is completed.
Downloads are now organized in a new structure. Some changes in the single manufacturer pages will follow within the next days.
The homepage now presents the new design. I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy Surfing!
Today I have released my first Fleet-Pack. All the KLM Liveries (PH-BXO, PH-BXP, PH-BXR, PH-BXS, PH-BXT) are now available for PMDG's NGX.

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